Stihl KM56 RC-E Kombi Engine unit only 27.2cc

Stihl KM56 Kombi one engine with many optional tools that can handle a variety of tasks would be just one way to describe the STIHL Kombi System. From edging to trimming, to sweeping and even blowing—the low-emission STIHL KM 56 RC-E and its optional attachments are great for a wide range of jobs around the garden.


£249.00 inc. VAT



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Stihl Kombi KM56 RC-E Easy to start and light-weight Kombi Engine.

KM 56 RC-E

Stihl Kombi KM56 Features

Electronic ignition module

Electronic ignition module

This ensures reliable starting and trouble-free running. The ignition system is fully encapsulated and thus protected from damp and dirt.

Reduced-emission engine technology

Stihl KM56 Reduced-emission engine technology

2-stroke engine with stratified charge. A fuel-free layer of air is created between the burned charge in the combustion chamber and the fresh charge in the crankcase, reducing the amount of fuel lost during the charge cycle. This results in more power with a lower weight, up to 20% lower fuel consumption than regular 2-stroke engines and significantly reduced exhaust emissions.

Simplified starting system

Stihl KM 56 Simplified starting system

Simply set the choke, pump the fuel primer, pull the starter cord and away you go! The running machine switches off quickly after a brief press of the stop button. Once the machine is at a standstill, the ignition activates again automatically. Thus the ignition is always ready for starting.

STIHL ErgoStart (FT)

STIHL ErgoStart (FT)

A genuine advance in easy starting. STIHL ErgoStart (E) cuts the effort required to start the tool by half, while the starter cord can be pulled at just one third of the normal force. All it takes is 2 fingers and a gentle pull action.

Manual fuel pump

Manual fuel pump

If your gasoline-powered engine device has a manual fuel pump, you can reduce the number of starting strokes by about 40% by repeatedly pressing the pump. By starting in this way, there is enough fuel available faster. (similar to illustration)

Loop handle

Loop handle

The loop handled grass trimmers and brushcutters are ideal for working in areas where space is limited, e.g. thinning between bushes and shrubs.

Quick-release coupling

Quick-release coupling

The quick-release coupling allows the Stihl KombiSystem to be quickly dismantled into two parts for easy transport and storage – and then re-assembled quickly without tools.

Split shaft

Kombi Split shaft

With a split shaft and special toolless quick-release coupling, the Stihl KombiSystem is highly versatile, easily transported and easy to store.


Weight kg 1) 4.3
CO2 g/kWh 853
Displacement cm³ 27.2
Power output kW/bhp 0.8/1.1
Displacement cm³ 27.2