Robotic Mower Installation Service (Kent-Sussex )

Professional Robotic mower installation service and aftercare service for your robotic mower. we start with a free visit to your garden at a time that is convenient to you, we will inspect your garden and recommend the best robotic mower option for you and your garden.


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Authorised Husqvarna Auto-mower specialist dealer


Installations in Kent, Sussex, Surrey and London areas’

Brands supplied  Husqvarna, Stihl, Kress, and Stiga 


Robotic mower installations from 7oaks mowers includes.



 .  Installation of boundary cables and guide wires. these are installed and buried 5cm          in   the ground with a specialist wire burying machine. 

.   We only use heavy duty cable – from 3.4mm to 3.8mm

 Full installation of charging station

 Calibrating and testing the mower.

 Full hand over and linking mower to app on mobile device.

.   The very best service and aftercare for your robotic mower.

.   Extended warranty for your robot mower.   Contact us for details


.    Contact our sales team for a free site visit and quotation  on 01732 461001 or email           sales