Portek Logmaster Heavy Duty Saw Horse

The Portek Logmaster makes cutting logs fast, safe and effortless to operate unlike the conventional method which requires constant bending, lifting and straining, starting and stopping.

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The portek logmaster is the safest and strongest chainsaw log bench available!


The chainsaw is clamped to the sawhorse, and the weight of the saw is then carried, on the frame, leaving the operator free to hold the log in position with one hand, and swing the chainsaw through the log with the other.

The whole weight of the chainsaw is supported by the Portek Logmaster and not your back! – the chainsaw is supported by a simple clamping plate, taking the back ache out of sawing logs. This simple solution to an old problem makes the job easier, faster, and safer. Anyone with experience of chopping logs will appreciate the value of this clever design. This simple and robust sawhorse From Portek will change the way you chop logs forever.