Mountfield Tractor 1538H SD Tractor Mower

The 1538H-SD is a powerful, versatile and highly manoeuvrable mulching tractor. It also has the equivalent of a cars’ automatic transmission -hydrostatic transmission so is smooth and slick. With a 98cm cutting width, it makes light work of any lawn up to 2 acres.

SKU: 2T0630483/M20

£2,429.00 inc. VAT


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Mountfield 1538-SD

The Mountfield 1538H-SD is a superb mulching lawn tractor. Adding finely cut clippings back in to the lawn resulting in higher nutrient levels, better grass growth so no need feed your lawn with fertilisers and also saves time emptying cuttings.
The Mountfield 1538H is powered by STIGA, 452cc ST500 petrol engine and boasts hydrostatic transmission – akin to an automatic car’s transmission. It is slick, efficient and powerful. The twin-blade cutting deck, with a 98cm cutting width, ensures a superb precision cut.
If grass growth is fast and mulching isn’t possible simply discharge the clippings via the side discharge function. Easy.
Suitable for areas up to 2 acres the Mountfield 1538H-SD is easy to use, easy to store – thanks to its compact design and is backed by a five-year extended warranty.

The Brand

The Mountfield  name has been associated with quality mowers and garden equipment for nearly 50 years.

The Cutting System

Cutting Method:  Side Discharge & Mulch

Cutting Width:     98cm

Reverse Mowing: Yes

Cutting Height:  Manual With Lever

Cutting Height Settings:   7 Positions

Cutting Height Range:      25-80mm

Number of blades:      2

Blade Engagement:  Electric Switch

Transmission Drive

Transmission Method:  Pedal Operated

Type:  Hydrostatic


Mulch kit:   Included

Battery Charger: Yes