Kress Robotik Misson KR111 Robotic Lawnmower

Ideal for simple lawns up to 1500m2, the Mission KR111 integrates all Kress Robotik technologies except for ultrasonic OAS.

This kress Robotik Lawnmower  will be perfect for medium size gardens up to 1500m2. Equipped with all the safety features such as lift sensors, this  means the blades will stop automatically when your mower is lifted.

Mission  robotic mowers are enabled to take autonomous decision to protect and enhance the health of the grass, thanks to the unique  INTIVE technology[ Intelligent Navigation ] Mission Robot mowers optimize their mowing, requiring fewer passes to cut the grass. When the robot mower reaches the border it gently turns in the best direction.




£1,599.00 inc. VAT


Multi-Zone programming
Forward and reverse rotation blade
Safety first: instant blade stop when lift up
Rain sensor
3-blade cutting/mulching system


INTIVA intelligent navigation technology
Regenerative brake system
Side trim technology   5cm
Side Charge
Remote mobile control smartphone
Power pack
20 V Max / 4.0 Ah Li-Ion, maintenance free, no memory effect batter
Charging system
Side charge
Typical run time
70 min
Typical charge time
1.5 h
Blade type
3-pivoting blade rotary disc
Cutting height
30-60 mm
Cutting width
22 cm 
Blade to chassis clearance
51 mm (with protective fence)
Blade stop
Lift sensor
Tilt sensor
Drive wheels
off-road tread
Max slope 20%