HUSQVARNA KLIPPO LB 548S e BioClip® mower

LB 548S e is a solid and rugged mulching mower for daily professional use. The model is self propelling, with improved front-wheel drive for optimal handling and has a reliable and powerful easy-start Honda engine.

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Husqvarna 548s-e BioClip® mower

KLIPPO LB 548S e, a compact and dedicated BioClip® mower with front-wheel drive for commercial use. The standard sized 48 cm Husqvarna cutting deck makes it to a perfect solution for complex and narrow areas or as a complementary trimming tool for ride-on or robotic mowers. The model is built on the highly respected KLIPPO platform, well-known for outstanding durability and reliable performance. Equipped with high-specified and easy-start Honda GCV-engines, cast aluminium decks and an ergonomic side-adjustable and effective anti-vibrated handle system, which help the model fulfil A(8) EN836. KLIPPO LB 500 Series, commercial models with outstanding performance and durability for a long-term relation.

LB 553S, M 53S Pro

Aluminium chassis

Heavy-duty, cast aluminium chassis provides increased strength and longer life.

LB 553S e, WB 53S e

Side adjustable handlebar

The handlebar is adjustable both horizontally and vertically for optimum working positions and improved ergonomics.

M 53S Pro

Honda GCVx engine

Engine in the new GCVx series. Reliable, powerful and easy starting with Auto Choke. EU stage V certified for more stringent regulations.

Steel wheel - Klippo LB-series

Stainless steel rims

8-inch stainless steel rims with double-sealed bearings. Rubber tyres provide deeper tread depth for increased traction and a more comfortable drive.

Cutting height adjustment - Klippo LB-series

Central cutting height adjustment

Quick and easy adjustment of the grass cutting height. One lever effects the whole deck.


Cutting method BioClip®. The grass is cut twice and finely chopped before being returned to the lawn as natural fertiliser.

SKU: 970 48 21‑02
Engine name GCVX-170
Cylinder displacement 166 cm³
Net power at preset rpm Energy 3.3 kW
Net power at preset rpm 2,900 rpm
Engine brand Honda
Engine lubrication type Splash
Engine cooling Air
Exhaust emissions (CO2 EU V)
862 g/kWh