Stiga e-Ride C500 Stiga Battery 584e Ride-on

The e-Ride C500 combines the quiet fuel-free convenience of a battery riding lawn mower with the power of a petrol tractor. It’s driven by a commanding 48V 40Ah premium brand (Li-Ion) battery cells– developed and tested by STIGA in Italy – letting you cover up to 4000sqm in up to 60 minutes. And it features must-haves like a dashboard, eco mode, cruise control, and LED headlights for mowing in poor light. The e-Ride C500 also comes complete with a spacious 240l grass collector, plus a mulching kit if you’d prefer to spread fine cuttings over your lawn, and a dedicated app.


Original price was: £5,700.00.Current price is: £4,599.00. inc. VAT


Stiga Battery powered 584e ride on Tractor

The Stiga e-Ride C500’s impressive 48V 40Ah battery delivers enough power to mow up to 4000sqm in around 60 minutes, and on just one charge. And because it’s battery powered, you’ll experience less noise, fewer vibrations and none of the emissions of a petrol tractor mower. A powerful 1.2kW transaxle motor lets you reach speeds up to 9km/h, while two cutting blade motors totaling 3kW are free from belts, pulleys and expensive maintenance. Just sit down, switch on, and away you go.

Thanks to a Bluetooth module, the machine can easily connect to the STIGA App on your phone, which can both work as a dashboard and give you at-a-glance information on your mowing session, and it also features readouts on previous sessions, CO2 saved, maintenance activities, smart charge function. Through the app you can also contact your local dealer directly, for quicker assistance. An eco mode saves energy, reducing blade rotations in light cutting conditions, while its LED headlights make for safe mowing even in poor light. The machine’s substantial 240l grass collector also means fewer journeys to your garden bin. And thanks to an ample 84cm cutting width, adjustable to 7 heights between 25 to 80mm, you’ll complete every job quickly.


Stiga e 500 Packed with extra features
Feature-rich digital dashboard, eco mode, cruise control and LED headlights.



Stiga Battery powered – for petrol-free, quieter mowing
With its powerful 48V 40Ah battery, you’ll cover up to 4000 sqm in 60 minutes on one charge – without the noise and fumes of a petrol tractor mower.
(e-Ride STIGA VMS)
The smart brain in e-Ride is the STIGA Vehicle Management System. Safety signals and user interface information it receives ‘instruct’ the traction and motors. So if the battery runs low, the blades switch off, leaving you enough power to get back.
STIGA advanced connectivity
Save energy and money with programmable charging sessions. Schedule in maintenance tasks. Contact your STIGA dealer. Records mowing times. The STIGA app turns your phone into a virtual dashboard for easy control of your e-Ride C500 or S500.


Battery capacity  40 Ah