Husqvarna Rider R200 Cutting Deck – CombiClip® 103

 Offering two cutting methods BioClip® and rear ejection. As the deck is stamped from a single piece of metal with with no seems and sharp bends to trap cuttings the result is market-leading mulching and super-efficient ejection

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Husqvarna Cutting Deck – CombiClip® 103

Choosing the right Ride-on mower for the job mainly depends on the type of grass you will cut and what the garden looks like. With our Combi cutting decks you have two cutting techniques to choose from. Rear ejection or BioClip®. Here are a few things that distinguish them from each other.

Rear ejection for taller grass

If you are planning to cut taller, wilder grass, or coarser types of grass, it’s better to go for a ride-on mower with rear ejection cutting deck that can manage large amounts of grass.

BioClip® for finer lawns

Do you have a well-maintained lawn that is mowed a lot? Then BioClip® is the most suitable for your purposes. The finely cut clippings return to the lawn as fertilizer. All of our ride-on mower models have this option.

Service position

Service position on the cutting deck facilitates cleaning and service.

Three-blade cutting deck

The Husqvarna three-blade cutting deck offers first-class trimming on both left and right side and gives the same uncut circle diameter regardless of direction.

Floating cutting deck

The floating cutting deck follows the contours of the ground, which reduces the risk of scalping the lawn.

Pivoting support wheels

The combi cutting deck is equipped with pivoting wheels for extra smooth operation when making turns. The wheels also prevent damages to the lawn surface.