This Atco GT 30H is a hydrostatic Ride-on garden tractor powered by a 432cc OHV engine, and as a large 240-litre capacity collector.  Ideal for gardens up to 1.5 acres

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Atco GT 30H Ride-on Collecting Tractor Mower

The Atco GT 30H Ride on lawn Tractor is a medium sized effective collecting tractor. This Atco GT 30H is compact, appealing in looks and comfortable to use, with excellent cutting performance from the 84cm (33″ cutting deck and when used in the recycling mode eliminates piles of grass clippings.

Cutting height is adjustable from 25mm to 80mm,ideal for tall grass. Also featured is a electromagnetic Clutch to engage the blades. Superbly versatile, the GT 30H comes with a 84cm cutting width, seven pre-set heights of cut ranging from 25-80mm and can be set up to either mulch, rear discharge or collect your grass clippings. (Rear deflector and mulching kit available separately).
The infinitely adjustable hydrostatic transmission means you’ll be able to glide around and between obstacles effortlessly. This Atco Garden Tractor also comes equipped with a series of a gauge wheels that work to eliminate unsightly scalping that can occur when turning on sloping terrain, ensuring a neat, even finish.
There’s also a snap-on hose connector for straightforward under deck cleaning; a ‘collector full’ buzzer that lets you know when it’s time for a trip to the compost pile; and convenient from-the-seat emptying of the ample 240-litre catcher.
Adding to its versatility as a garden tractor, there is the opportunity to mulch, rear discharge or collect clippings and to fit a useful trailer hitch. Mulching plug, rear discharge deflector and trailer hitch are all available separately.
This model is designed for lawns up to 6000m2 (1.5 acres) in size.

Excellent cutting performance

The Atco GT 30H Ride on mower’s cutting performance is superb from the 84cm cutting deck with a large 240 Litre grass collection box.

Adjustable Cutting Heights

Cutting height adjustments from 25mm to 80mm which is ideal for tall grass.

More Features

Electro Clutch and a Hydrostatic gearbox making this Atco tractor easy to use.

The Atco GT 30H Comes with a 5 year domestic warranty  : Subject to terms & conditions.


Brand                              Atco   GT 30H Tractor Mower

Engine                                     Stiga ST450

Capacity                                  432 cc

Mulching Kit                         Optional Extra

Cutting  Type                         Collection

Starting Method                  Electric Start

Empty Mechanism             Manual

Blade Engage                        Electric switch

Cutting Deck                         84cm (33″)

Cylinders                                Single Cylinder

Dimension                             Length  234cm Width 90cm

Item Weight                

Fuel Capacity                        6.0 Litre

Grass Box                                  240 Litre

Height of cut                            7 Positions

Height Of Cut Range             25-80mm

Recommended Garden         1.5 Acres

Transmission                           Hydrostatic

Warranty                                  5 year Domestic  Terms Apply


Weight             226 kg

Length             2338 mm

Width              880 mm

Height            11oo mm

Weight            174 kg