The STIGA Park 640 PWX 4WD front mower sets new standards in terms of power and maneuverability! The power comes from a new 586 cc STIGA twin-cylinder engine, which provides superior performance and dependable reliability; the maneuverability is thanks to STIGA’s 50:50 articulated steering, whereby the back of the machine tracks the front, leaving the driver free to concentrate on the cutting-path. Numerous different decks are available, ranging in With STIGA 50:50 articulated steering, you can face different complexity levels

Great performances thanks to powerful STIGA V-Twin engine with 586 cc

Perfect visibility of your working area, so you can always see what you are doing

Effortless blade engagement through electromagnetic PTO clutch

Can be paired with cutting decks from 95 up to 125 cm

Quick flip technology: clean the deck or switch implement in less than 30 seconds width from 95 cm all the way up to 125 cm.

All STIGA twin-cylinder engines offer great reliability and prove solid and resistant through time. STIGA offers a 3-year-warranty on all twin-cylinder engines, so you can work without worrying about anything. The warranty is only valid for machines that receive service by authorized STIGA dealers.

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£7,999.00 inc. VAT


Blending 50:50 articulated steering with an out-front cutter-deck, the STIGA Park 640 PWX provides the operator with a totally unimpeded view of the intended cutting-path; and, because the machine’s rear exactly follows the front, makes it possible to work around and between trees, shrubs and outdoor furniture with no possibility of the engine section suffering accidental impact. A 4WD model, the Park 640 PWX is ideal for areas containing slopes, rough ground and other challenging terrain-types. It features an electromagnetic push-button activated PTO clutch, so controlling the blades is an effortless operation; and it combines rear-discharge and mulching functions with 10 preset cutting-heights to enable the management of changing grass conditions. Cutting height-adjustment is also via a push-button. The Park 640 PWX has been fitted with a new STIGA two-cylinder OHV engine that offers the very best in reliability; and which benefits from a V-Twin arrangement that optimizes torque and minimizes vibration. Comfort and convenience are assured thanks to STIGA’s provision of ergonomic high-back seat and handy cup-holder; while a hydrostatic drive – controlled by a foot pedal – provides enhanced driving pleasure by enabling smooth acceleration and deceleration with no need to manually shift gears. A choice of decks is offered, with widths ranging from 95 cm through to 125 cm – choose the size that best suits the dimensions of your garden. A tow-hitch is included. Please note that the cutting deck is NOT included. Built today for tomorrow, this Park ride-on mower has an extended 5-year warranty on the mower.

price includes  110 Combi flip Cutting deck